Declaration of Equity in Business

  • ANKASAN has voluntarily created the Declaration of Equality at Work and undertakes to comply with its principles voluntarily and without exception.
  • To respect human rights,
  • Ensuring that the 'Respect' principle is defined in the Job Description for all personnel in the organizational structure and notified to the personnel,
  • Regardless of race, color, gender, age, religious belief, political opinion, nationality, social status; to treat all our employees in line with the basic principle of equality,
  • To provide conditions where all our employees can share their opinions and suggestions in our business processes, without separating roles and positions,
  • To support women's participation in the workforce without discrimination,
  • To carry out activities that ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees without any discrimination,
  • Emphasizing the criteria of equal opportunity among our employees in our Human Resources Policy,
  • To create and maintain a working environment and conditions that protect work, family and life balance.



Headquarters - Foundry
Baskent OSB. 1. Cadde No:11 PK: 06909
Temelli / Ankara / TURKEY

+90 312 640 13 34
+90 312 640 13 35
+90 312 640 13 35 (FAX)

Branch Office - Machining Factory
Başkent OSB. 48.Cadde No: 7
Malıköy Sincan Ankara / TURKIYE

+90 312 511 75 99
+90 0312 511 68 33 (FAX)


LinkedIN We proudly completed the transition process to the new machining factory
Thank you to everyone who has been with us and contributed
We are now stronger and more innovative with this experience

LinkedIN The first investment of 2022 was completed.
Ankasan has increased its machining capacity with new CNC vertical lathe investment.
LinkedIN We start Statistical Process Control applications with training for sustainable quality.