ANKASAN is aware that, human is the most important and effective factor in its work to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. The principle of right person doing the right job at the right time has been adopted. Each of our employees is a project, our aim is to make our employees more competent in their work and to be promoted to higher positions.

With these aims and principles, ANKASAN makes personnel-based training plans every year and monitors the realization and effectiveness of these trainings.

Trainings; technical applications, engineering methods, institutional development, personal development and social content. Training according to its content; It is given by professional external organizations, expert consultants and competent personnel within our organization to provide training in their field.



Headquarters - Foundry
Baskent OSB. 1. Cadde No:11 PK: 06909
Temelli / Ankara / TURKEY

+90 312 640 13 34
+90 312 640 13 35
+90 312 640 13 35 (FAX)

Branch Office - Machining Factory
Başkent OSB. 48.Cadde No: 7
Malıköy Sincan Ankara / TURKIYE

+90 312 511 75 99
+90 0312 511 68 33 (FAX)


LinkedIN We proudly completed the transition process to the new machining factory
Thank you to everyone who has been with us and contributed
We are now stronger and more innovative with this experience

LinkedIN The first investment of 2022 was completed.
Ankasan has increased its machining capacity with new CNC vertical lathe investment.
LinkedIN We start Statistical Process Control applications with training for sustainable quality.