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About Us

ANKASAN operates in a total of 10.000 m2 area in two different facilities, namely Foundry and Machining Plant in Ankara Baskent Organize Sanayi Bolgesi.

ANKASAN is one of Turkey's leading medium-sized foundries with an annual capacity of 3,500 tons of castings and a capacity of 500 tons of machining capacity.

ANKASAN, who joined the Turkish Foundry Sector in 1969, continues to produce "Ductile Cast Iron and Gray Cast Iron" in its production facilities. ANKASAN, which produces one piece product from 0.5 kg to 950 kg and has the ability to machining the parts it produces according to customer requirements.

ANKASAN is exporting 95% of its products to European and American markets since 1992.


  • Quality Focused

  • Honesty and Trustworthiness

  • Customer Focused

  • Being open to development

  • Environmental Awareness

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